About Miranda Ryan

Sydney based freelance writer, story teller, and karaoke enthusiast. I blog about amusing situations, cool things to do in Sydney and anything I find interesting.

The Naked Envelope is a place to keep all my stories, even if they aren’t particularly addressed to anyone (yet). These stories are the raw/naked me. I always try to find the positive in life, and failing that at least you can laugh at my misadventure.

When I’m not updating this blog or developing stories I work as a researcher for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Any views expressed here are my own and in no way affiliated with them.

And when I’m not writing or working I’m usually found eating dumplings, dreaming up new travel plans, or hogging the microphone at my local karaoke bar and embarrassing myself. This usually gives me fodder for my next blog post. Now, rinse and repeat, and you have my life!

But enough about me, I’d love to know what you think of my site or if you have any topics you’d like me to write about. Feel free to shoot me a line in the comments below.

You can follow Miranda Ryan on twitter here, and The Naked Envelope on twitter here or tumblr here (although my tumblr is not maintained very often).

Ps. I’m very sorry if you arrived here via an interesting search containing the word ‘naked’; no doubt you’re disappointed!

47 thoughts on “About Miranda Ryan

  1. Haha I’m following this blog now. I knew I liked your writing from reading several posts already but that last line was hilarious. I think I got here from Freshly Pressed… yes that must be it! I remember a time when search terms got me into trouble. I got a bunch of haters on a poem I wrote titled “Graffiti” which was about a desk that was marked up with decades of carvings and names but the little wannabe thugs on YouTube were confused, I don’t think they had ever heard a poem before… hmm maybe. Anyway, good luck on the blog, that is a catchy title I must say!

  2. The fact that you’re from Sydney just made you go up a notch. Australia was on my “Bucket List”…Sydney and Ayers Rock to be specific. I’d always wanted to see the opera house. I was so excited, but when I got there it was overcast, gloomy. cold, and raining. But I didn’t care. I LOVED IT.
    Anyhow, congrats on being Freshly Pressed…Awesome photo of you singing ;)

  3. Hi Miranda! I found your blog via the Freshly-pressed tab (along with a ton of other people, it seems), and I really enjoyed that Friday night movie post. Anyway, keep up the writing, and I’ll keep reading!

  4. You seem to be amusing, entertaining and interesting. I’ll try to follow your blog from time to time. Keep up the good work.

    Heads up on a typo: “The Naked Envelope is a place to keep all my storises, even if..”; storises = stories.

  5. BTW…I love your city. It’s where my husband and I went for our honeymoon. Favorite memories: La Boheme at the Sydney Opera House, lunch at Doyle’s on the most amazing spring day (with more sailboats on the harbor than we could count), a road trip to the wine country, then on to Surfer’s Paradise, then on to Brisbane (where we met some crazy Aussie’s at our hotel bar who I taught to two-step [we're from Texas] and who got us totally bombed on sambuca shots). It was an awesome trip in a fabulous country with really stellar people. Would love to go back. You’re lucky…you get to live there!

  6. hahahhahahah is that you singing?? hahahaah You’re as funny as your texts, apparently :) I’ll follow this blog as well, you have a captivating style :)

    PS – I didn’t come here searching for nakedness :P

  7. Thank you so much for the laugh today! I came across your blog by accident and it made my day. I laughed out loud about the going to movies alone, and not having to share the popcorn. Thanks, I will follow along for more smiles and laughs.

  8. Yay Australian! Haven’t read an Australian’s blog in a while :) I love karaoke too, not saying that I’m good at it haha…
    Glad I followed the link on freshly pressed :)

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  10. Morning! You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my blog for rules if you wish to accept! Happy Blogging!

  11. Hi! I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! I’ve included a link to your site on my blog. You can accept and view the details at chanceofsun.wordpress.com.

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